About Us

About Us

Bee's Dog Services is a professional, family owned, bonded, and insured pet services company.  We are located in Simsbury CT.

Bethany Seymour

In 2017, I decided to leave the corporate world and attend Catch Canine Trainers Academy and earn my Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Certificate (CCPDT certification).  While I worked vigorously getting my Dog Trainer certificate, I opened Bee's Dog Service for business in May.  We started with walking, hiking, running, and photography, and now offer Professional Dog Training and Behavioral Services, and Pet Waste Management.

My Pets:

In 2014, we rescued a Aussie mix named Lexi, from a shelter in CT.  After adopting Lexi, I decided that my passion was dogs, I love learning how to communicate and train her, as well as loved getting her outside for hiking or a run. Not only did I enjoy the exercise but I could tell she was acting better and seemed overall happier. 

In 2016, we rescued another dog, a Doberman Shepherd mix, named Rue. 

My family and I worked really hard on training her properly and giving her plenty of exercise, as she was a rescue dog that came with behavior issues that stemmed from her critical stages of puppyhood.  

Early in 2018 we brought home a Border Collie named Murray and are currently training him in agility.  

We also have a cat, Bodey!  

We are passionate about our animals and my clients are our family.  We treat your dog as if they are our own. We are proud of what we offer and our services!  We love what we do and we love Dogs! We look forward to hearing from you and meeting those fur babies! 

Thank you, 



Derrick Seymour

Growing up my family always had dogs and cats and it's safe to say I always have had a passion for animals.  But it wasn't until 2014, when we adopted Lexi, that I was interested in training and communicating with dogs.  They really do have their own language and ways of communicating, mostly movements and body language, and it was interesting to learn.  She is very smart and picked up the training fast which drove my interest forward.

I think it is very gratifying to exercise and/or train a dog, it makes both of your lives better.



Christine B.

Growing up on a farm my love and passion for caring for animals has been lifelong. There hasn't been a time in my life that I haven't been surrounded by animals, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I currently have a small horse boarding facility that I run and have 3 horses of my own. I am also a regular foster mom for a local dog rescue. I absolutely love helping dogs in need find their forever homes, it has definitely been beyond rewarding. I am so excited to be joining Bee’s Dog Services and I look forward to providing you peace of mind and the utmost in care for your four legged family members!


Emily S.

My family has always had animals, so growing up I was always surrounded by them. I have a golden retriever named Cooper, a cat named Chloe and a goldfish named Dave. I’ve always wanted to work with animals and get to learn and understand them better. I took the veterinary  assistant program at Tunxis community college last fall and when I found out Bee was hiring I knew I would be a perfect fit. I look forward to the good times ahead.


Erik S.

I have been surrounded by dogs ever since I was a teenager. When I was 14, my parents adopted our first family dog, a Shepherd mix named Farley. When my wife and I first married, we brought an amazing Miniature Australian Shepherd named Bourbon into our life and a few years later adopted another Mini Aussie named Bella. Since they were very active dogs, we spent our weekends at Flyball tournaments for many years.
My wife’s parents raced sled-dogs back then and I very much enjoyed taking two of their dogs, Mitch and Charlie out to go skijoring (we even won a few races together)!
Now, many years later, we now enjoy walking and playing frisbee with our little Blue Merle Mini Aussie, Trixie!
I am very exited to bring my passion and experience with dogs to Bee’s Dog Services! 


Sandra G.

I remember the names of all the dogs from the neighborhood I grew up in, in West Simsbury. I was pretty shy as a kid, if there was a dog around or a dog at a an event my family was going to, I knew I had someone to hang out with. I have always felt some connection with animals. I truly see a friend when I look into a dogs eyes, a kind and funny friend.

I was blessed to have 2 Male Boston Terriers at the same time and a few years later added a sassy female French Bulldog.....they have all passed now, but they are always with me.

I have enjoyed getting to know the BDS pups and look forward to learning more about humans best friend.