Benefits of Exercise and Play for your Dog

The importance of exercise and play with your dog is just as important as feeding your dog a healthy, well-balanced diet.  It provides essential health benefits, such as mental stimulation and important social contact with other dogs, people, and environmental stimuli.  It also helps to reduce or even eliminate common behavior problems such as hyperactivity, chewing, barking, and home destruction.

The amount of physical activity varies between dogs.  Important factors to consider would be their current level of mobility, age, and weight.

At Bee's Dog Services all of our exercise services were designed by positive reinforcement dog trainers and promote good walking behaviors.

Dog Exercise Services

Dog Walking



Sessions are 30min, 45min or 60min 

Session includes: A walk for exercise at your dog's pace, allowing for sniffing and enjoying the outdoors.

Dog Running



Sessions are 30min, 45min or 60min 

Session includes: A run for exercise at your dog's pace. Fresh water available throughout the run for your pup. 

Dog Hiking



Sessions are 60min 

Session includes: Pet Taxi to your choice of local trails (Penwood, Ethel Walker, Talcott Mountain, Onion Mountain, etc)! We will hike the trails, at your pups pace.  Fresh water available throughout the hike for your pup.

Drop-in Visit



Sessions are 15min

Session includes: A much needed potty break! We go outside to stretch our legs, get in a brief walk, and play a game if there is time.  

Outside Play



Sessions are 30min, 45min or 60min

Session includes: Outside play for exercise at your home. 

Off-Leash Fun/Dog Park



Sessions are 60min

Session includes: Off leash fun at our local Nod Brook in Avon or the local Dog Park. We can play ball, go for a swim, or even walk the large loop that covers the parks 137 acres. This is perfect if your dog is well behaved, has good recall behaviors, and is in need of extra exercise!

All services above are one-on-one sessions.  One exercise specialist per dog or per dog household.  Group sessions and socialization session by request.

All dog exercise services above include: Lots of love and attention, dog treats, GPS map of where we went and how long it took, pictures of your pup, and any other special instructions you may have, plus more attention and love!

Add ons by request at no extra charge:  Feeding/Meal, Freshening of water, Medication, Tick Spot check and removal, Brushing, Bring packages inside, Take out/Bring in garbage bins, Alternate lights while on vacation.

Any service delivered before 8am and/or after 5pm M-S and all day on Sundays/Holidays will be an additional $10, per service.

More than one dog will be an additional $5, per service, per dog.