Pet Waste Management Services

Residential Services

Scooper Service - Starting at $14.95

Deck/Patio Hose Off - $9

Yard/Patio Deodorizer - $20

Cat Litter Box Cleaning with refill - $20

Cat Litter Box Cleaning - $10

Room Deodorizer - $5

Commercial Services

Community/HOA Services

Dog Park/Municipality Services

Business/Special Event Services

Waste Station Installations

Waste Station Cleaning and Bag Refills

Why choose Bee's Dog Services?


 · We provide affordable  services in the Farmington Valley

· We are fully insured, uniformed and friendly.

· We provide digital notifications of service delivery

· Our scooping tools are carefully disinfected between every job to eliminate the possibility of spreading parasites or diseases.

· We offer several different service plans so that we can meet your specific needs, whether it’s a one-time cleaning or weekly service.

· We are locally owned and operated.

What to expect


On your days of service, a Pet Waste Technician will arrive at your home. He or she will walk your yard in a row-by-row pattern with their eyes scanning back and forth across their path, collecting every doggie deposit seen along the way. This is not done once, but twice and in the opposite direction to form a grid.

We scoop all poop into our scooping receptacles lined with a fresh waste bag. These are either placed in your garbage can or we can take the waste with us – whichever you prefer.

After we are finished with your yard we head back to our vehicle to clean and disinfect all of our equipment, as well as our shoes – This helps to ensure waste from one client’s yard doesn’t enter another’s.



Weekly services starting at $14.95, contact us now and save $20 on your first month of service.

Why Scoop the Poop


Pet waste is bad for your health

Dog waste can often carry bacteria and parasites that can be transmitted directly to humans and make them sick. 

It doesn't just disappear

 Bacteria, worms and other parasites thrive in unattended waste, eventually breaking down into the soil and washing into the water supply.  Running piles over with a lawn mower may seem like the perfect way to deal with the poo poo, but just because you can't see the waste anymore doesn't mean it's not there or rather in smaller parts spread now throughout your yard. 

Dog waste can pollute the environment

According to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency, two or three days worth of droppings from a population of about 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas within 20 miles to swimming and shell fishing. 

Dog waste is far from fertilizer

Unlike herbivores, a dog's diet is made up of mostly animal products/proteins, making their waste unsuitable for soil enrichment, without it being processed first. Leaving pet waste on the ground or concentrating it in one specific area of the yard can have a ill effect on soil and its quality as well as the water table below. 

Contaminated waste can make dogs sick, too

When pets become sick, this sickness can pass through into their deposits and ultimately into the yard. The longer that waste is on the ground, the greater the contamination becomes. When this contamination is where they live and play, pets have a high risk of catching infections over and over again.  

Rodents love pet waste

Dog poop can be a common food source for rats and other rodents. An unwanted neighbor in any community and presents a host of additional health concerns to residents themselves.